20 Top Seasonal Blooms: a Guide to choosing wedding flowers

20 Top Seasonal Blooms: guide to choosing wedding flowers

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Open Your Eyes to Easton Grange
10th March 2018
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Bouquets to table centre-pieces

Since ancient times, Bridal flowers have been an essential part of the wedding; used in the belief that they protected the bride from evil spirits intent on snatching her from the groom, most brides/grooms nowadays choose their flowers according to the wedding theme or their significance in the relationship.

Over time flowers have become part of every facet of a wedding, from the people (adorning the bridal entourage, the flower girl and ring bearer, the bride and groom) to the buildings and rooms in which it all takes place (the ceremony, reception, party, table centre-pieces).


How to choose your wedding flowers

Of course, each season brings a plethora of different styles and colours and choosing the right blooms for the style of your wedding theme is as challenging as choosing the right venue and the perfect outfit.

Below you will find a snapshot of some of the most popular varieties and colours to choose from by season and some top tips.

Spring and Summer

This is the most beautiful and popular time of year to get married, as flowers are in abundance with popular choices becoming cheaper and more accessible all through the spring and summer months


  1. Peony
    This beautiful bloom is an all-time favorite for brides. It’s the perfect mix of softness and texture, and the pastel varieties complement so many wedding color palettes.
  2. Sweet Pea
    This elegant purple climbing flower adds color and texture wherever it’s featured. Gorgeous at a lilacthemed wedding or highlighted as an accent color, sweet peas are a spring star.
  3. Ranunculus
    Stylish like a peony but with a little more edge, these beauties pop when added to simple floral arrangements and come in bold pinks, sparkling yellows and traditional whites.


Decide how much you want to spend and prioritise into ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ to allow your florist to choose types and amounts wisely to keep within your budget.

Wedding flowers for Spring and Summer

[Credit: all flower pictures courtesy of Christine Davey Marketing]

Big and bold

  1. Tulips
    Gorgeous at a rustic wedding or a colorful modern affair, tulips are a great choice for couples who want a streamlined look. Choose from a variety of colours from hot spicy oranges and reds, to striking yellows and perky pinks.
  2. Hydrangea
    This blooming, full floral makes for a great standalone centerpiece — a great low-cost option! Ideal for a pink, blue or purple themed wedding.


Always consider what your wedding party is wearing when choosing flowers; big and bold works well with lots of striking colours but should complement rather than overpower!


  1. Magnolia
    One of the most elegant spring flowers, the magnolia is best carried alone down the aisle for maximum wow factor. Ideal for an elegant gown, these white waxy flowers will complement any style of dress.
  2. Calla Lily
    Simple and sweet, calla lilies are beautiful wrapped in a soft, satin ribbon and held lovingly by a bride or bridesmaid. Traditionally white, calla lilies are now available in a variety of colours from pale and creamy to dark and stormy.
  3. Roses
    Probably the most popular wedding flowers in the UK; available all year round in an extensive range of colours, they symbolize love, passion and romance – so always a popular choice!


Fresh flower bouquets can suffer during the heat of mid-summer – ask your venue to provide extra empty vases so that your wedding flowers can be kept fresh once all the photos are done and you’re settling down to your wedding breakfast.


  1. Gerbera Daisy
    For bold brides only, these colorful spring flowers are great at quirky and fun chic weddings. A popular choice for younger brides who want to mix it up with bold contrasting colours.
  2. Lilac
    Fill your ceremony or reception with this sweet-smelling flower and invoke memories of childhood fun, first loves, and sunny afternoons. Lilac is also available in white.


September and October are quite spectacular months when gardens are awash with colour; rich reds, seductive burgundies and deep oranges. Even though the colour range is not as varied as spring and summer, there’s still plenty of varieties to choose from.

Rich, deep and full of texture

  1. Chrysanthemums
    Much maligned as the cheap supermarket staple, big lustrous blooms of red, orange and yellow can make a statement in any arrangement paired with elegant touches of gold, silver and copper.
  2. Poppies
    Giant poppies with dark centres for depth look exquisite when mixed with shades of plum and autumn foliage.


To save money on your flowers, use your wedding party bouquets to decorate the top table – just pop each of the wedding party bouquets in a stylish vase and display at the reception after the photos are done.

  1. Garden Roses
    A variety popularized by David Austin these hybrid roses are reminiscent of the spring peony; a beautiful bloom with a wonderful fragrance.


  1. Celosia
    Also known as Woolflowers or Cockscombs, these unusual flowers are available in red, pink, purple, gold and bicoloured blooms.
  2. Scabiosa (Pincushion flower)
    Ideal for a barn setting wedding, these beautiful delicate flowers will complement garden roses perfectly.

Winter Cala Lily


A truly enchanting time of year to tie the knot. Once you’ve found the perfect winter wedding venue highlight the natural beauty of the season with flowers that have a year-round presence that work with the jewel-like tones popular with winter colour schemes.

Rich reds and purples or winter whites?

  1. Roses
    Simple single red roses can look stunning mixed with Hypericum Berries for a rich warm look. White roses remain elegant and accessorized with beautiful grey foliage such as Eucalyptus, not only look stunning, but fragrant too!
  2. Hypericum Berries
    Another mixer flower to complement other earthy tones and if you’re getting married at Christmas, these will help to make your venue look festive and cool.
  3. Eryngium (Sea Holly)
    Slightly thistle-like but with a soft edge and striking colour; this is a popular flower used to complement a traditional winter design.
  4. Veronica
    Usually available throughout the warmer months, the spiky white variety is available during the winter months and works well as a filler flower for a beautiful winter white design.
  5. Lisianthus
    Another popular white rose-like flower, the Lisianthus is also available in hues of purple and pinks.


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