Professional bridesmaids... would you, do you need one?

Professional bridesmaids – would you?

July wedding at Easton Grange. Kirsty & Ryan, Summer 2018
July wedding at Easton Grange: Kirsty & Ryan
15th October 2018

Professional bridesmaid?

Is it for you?

You may have recently heard The Undercover Bridesmaid, Tiffany Wright, being discussed and featured on BBC Radio and we wondered....

professional bridesmaid... would you?

Well, why not....

If you do require someone to be first on the dance floor or to help calm down warring bridesmaids, then why not.


For all things related to planning and running your event then we think we have it all covered, or to be more precise, Alice (pictured) our awesome event manager does!

Alice, like all our event managers, are there to help you from the initial planning of your big day to being an 'invisible hand' guiding you and your guests through your happy day...

...even if it's to fetch a more comfy bra during the day :)