Top Tips for Keeping Cool at a Wedding

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14th July 2017
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14th July 2017

Top Tips for Keeping Cool at a Wedding

With temperatures set to reach 27 degrees here at Easton Grange this weekend, we thought we would share with you a few ideas for keeping cool at a wedding. Whether you’re the bride, groom or a guest, these tips will help keep the sweat at bay! (we can’t promise they will keep nervous sweat away though!)

1. Serve lollies! 

A fun way to keep everyone cool is to serve ice creams or lollies during your reception. Just make sure you watch the drips as melted ice cream down your dress isn’t a good look!

2. Order of the Day Fans

Double up paper fans as your order of service or order of the day! These will be a godsend to guests during your ceremony and wedding breakfast, not only will they keep them cool, they will ensure no one misses the key events of your big day. Check out some wedding service fans»

3. Sunglasses

Instead of buttonholes, why not hand out matching sunnies to your guests, it will help ladies keep their eye makeup crease free, and everyone will coordinate in your photos

4. Parasols

Not only will parasols help your guests stay shaded, they look fabulous in photos too! Pick colours to match your bridesmaid’s gowns or flowers and let your photographer know so that they can plan some cool group shots! Check out some Wedding parasols»

5. Stay cool kits in the bathroom

Pop bottles of suncream, mini fans, lip balm and water spray in the bathrooms so that guests can refresh themselves throughout the day. Flip flops are also a welcome relief at the end of a hot day.


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