Easton Grange from the Sky at Night – Guest Blog Alex Cameron, Echo Alfa Ltd

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19th July 2017
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19th July 2017
Anna & Gary - 21st August 2016

Anna & Gary – 21st August 2016

Wedding Aerial images

We captured the aerial image using the DJI Inspire 1 and the X5R camera. The shot was taken at about 9pm just as the evening celebrations were getting into full swing! We used a long exposure technique to get the right settings and despite being slightly windy due to the GPS hold on the aircraft, we were able to achieve a blur free image with fantastic exposure.

The great thing about this particular camera is that the stills quality and resolution is right up there with a professional DSLR used by traditional wedding photographers, meaning that we have the ability to tweak the image in post and get even more detail from the photo. We couldn’t have got these shots without our Night-Rating approved by the Civil Aviation Authority which is an additional qualification that we hold.

Other professional drone operators without this are not allowed to fly after sunset. It meant we had to make some adjustments to our flying setup including lighting our take off and landing area to ensure a safe and legal flight. Whilst Adam piloted the aircraft I took control of the camera and ensured the correct settings to achieve the result we were after.

I think the result worked out great in showcasing how gorgeous Easton Grange is and in a way not seen before!

Aerial Imagery – Capturing your Big Day from the Sky

Aerial imagery gives you the unique opportunity to capture a viewpoint not normally possible by your wedding photographer or videographer. It allows us to really showcase Easton Grange and to capture shots that just wouldn’t be possible either through altitude or positioning. We can either be available for a small snippet of your day or for the entirety of it – the choice is yours!

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